Back Office Processing

Streamline Your Back-Office Operations

These very same tasks can be completed with remarkable accuracy at very little cost. With our Back-Office Processing services, we’ll approximate your needs and find highly-qualified candidates to complete the work offsite.

Put your focus where it matters most

Some work is better off left to those who can do it quickly, effectively and for a cost-competitive rate. Leave your piles of paperwork to us and enjoy the support of our back-office processing services.

When you allow your internal resources to focus on core delivery operations, product, and revenue generation, you’re optimizing resource utilization across the enterprise. When your employees focus their time on the core of your business, costs are that much more predictable and allow for improved margins across the business.

  • Audio & Form Transcription
  • Data Entry Services
  • HIPAA Compliant Document Management
Get the job done with superior accuracy

Get the job done with superior accuracy

We have a team of qualified agents to take care of a variety of back office assignments. There’s no point wasting your time and operating margins on internal resources fulfilling routine back-office tasks. Outsourcing is the option of choice for this type of work, and our expert back-office processing staff get the job done with superior accuracy and always on schedule. Because we’re able to price your work on a piece-rate basis (per transaction), this adds even more visibility into operational costs. Traditionally, we create a set of customized requirements for our clients since each company’s back-office demands vary.

By outsourcing back-office work like data entry services, audio and form transcription, and document management, Millennial Services clients save tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, as well as hundreds of man-hours by removing the need for internal employees to work through tedious and laborious tasks. We guarantee delivery of quality work by ensuring compliance to client and applicable industry standards and laws (like HIPAA compliance).

Leave the Legwork to Us

Supercharge your back-office operations with a high quality processing team.We guarantee the ability to perform routine back-office work at a lower cost per unit compared to in-house teams. Our team of highly trained and experienced professionals can handle back office operations with the same personalized care that your in-house team exhibits because we take quality assurance seriously. We have a highly trained and experienced team of back-office processing professionals that can handle peaks and valleys in processing demands, all without unnecessary delays. Our company also has a dedicated training wing to train our professionals from time to time on specific back-office processes.

Audio & Form Transcription

Collecting data from phone calls, paper forms, or other offline sources? Leverage our transcription capabilities. Our team has expert transcriptionists handle a variety of audio and form transcription processes. You can sit back and relax as we collect data from your offline various channels and convert them into usable data that drives your business forward. We always meet industry standards for quality, delivery, and security, as well as meeting your unique processing requirements.

Data Entry

Let us take care of your data entry needs while you focus on the bigger picture. Our trained professionals take great care while carrying out data entry tasks, but realize how important it is to complete projects on time. Data entry may sound drab, but our data entry professionals take pride in getting client jobs done accurately and quickly because our agents are paid on a piece-rate model (per transaction). The piece-rate pricing and performance model is a key ingredient of our data entry model.

Document Management

Manage, revise, track, and store large volumes of documents with our HIPAA-compliant document services. The cumbersome task of managing large volumes of documents is made easier with the use of an efficient document management system that combines software and human resources. We employ a great team and have the tools at hand to maintain the full spectrum of your document management tasks.

Quality Control

We get it right. Our work is guaranteed to meet your rigorous quality assurance standards. Not only does meeting quality control standards help you maintain compliance internally, but it also helps you prevent re-work and do-overs. This reduces your overhead costs and streamlines your internal operations. Sound quality control protocols help the bottom-line as much as any other component of the work that our back-office processing team completes.

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